Riding Icelandic Horses in Vermont

See what the world looks like riding an Icelandic horse in Vermont at the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm.

In Vermont's Green Mountains, you can take a unique nature tour of mountains, meadows, forests and country roads on one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Located in the Mad River Valley in the heart of the Sugarbush resort area, the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm has been leading riders on Icelandic horses for almost 30 years.

Whether it's an hour or multiple days, you can trek on these super-cute, furry-maned horses, which are not so far from the ground and enjoy a smooth nature tour. Check out these updated photos below to get the feeling of riding Vermont and a between the ears view.

Vermont Green Mountains Icelandic Horses

We can't think of a better view! In groups of four to eight, ride with scenic views of the mountains in the Mad River Valley. 

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm barn and horses

Grassy meadows with wild flowers, wild berries and old barns tempt you to try to tolt, the smooth gait of the Icelandic horse. 

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm woods

Ride past a stream, through the woods and into the great outdoors. 

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm

Riding four- and five-gaited Icelandic Horses, you'll traverse the Vermont countryside, enjoying picnics on the trails.

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm Mad River Inn

Guests may stay at the Mad River Inn, an 1860's-era Victorian country house owned by the farm, with stunning summer gardens.

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm gardens

Pretty pathways through the gardens. At the Mad River Inn, guests are treated to a hot tub and gourmet country breakfast.

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