Ranch Recipe for Easy Chocolate Truffles

When you think of decadent chocolate desserts, you may not immediately think about food at a dude ranch, but modern dude ranches have caught on to the foodies craze. Many have well-trained executive chefs ready to prepare everything from gourmet cookouts to more formal plated entrees, including Vista Verde Guest Ranch, a luxury guest ranch north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This Colorado dude ranch offers cooking classes, wine tastings, and multi-course gourmet fare, along with casual Colorado creations.

One of the most requested recipes at Vista Verde Ranch is for the chocolate truffles. Chef Matt makes these often times to use for pairing with some of the red wines during his weekly wine tasting. Believe it or not, pairing red wine with chocolate can be a heavenly combo.

You may think that chocolate truffles are difficult to make and they certainly can be a challenge! Below, Chef Matt shares his special recipe for easy to make chocolate truffles. 

chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles dipped in melted chocolate.


Chocolate Truffles Ingredients:

* 2/3 cup heavy cream
* 2 Tbs. honey
* 9 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
* 2 Tbs. liquor of your choice (optional)
* Cocoa powder or powdered sugar for dusting


1. In sauce pan over low heat bring cream and honey to boil.

2. While the cream is heating, place the chocolate in a food processor. If you do not have one, simply add the chocolate to the boiling cream and stir until smooth.

3. Once the cream comes to a boil, turn on the food processor and add the cream in a steady stream until chocolate is smooth.

4. Pour into a bowl and refrigerate until set.

5. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or foil and scoop mixture with a 1″ ice cream scoop or teaspoon. Form ball shapes and chill until firm. 1-2 hours.

6. Roll truffles in cocoa or powdered sugar until well coated. Crushed pistachios, pecans or melted chocolate can also be used. Refrigerate for 2 weeks or freeze for 2 months.

7. Enjoy a decadent ranch recipe that's easy to make. You'll surely impress your friends!