Police Horses in Mount Royal Park, Montreal

Learn about the mounted police and Canadian horses who patrol Mount Royal Park in Montreal in this Equitrekking video.

We filmed in Mount Royal Park in Montreal, Quebec as a part of the Equitrekking Southern Quebec episode. It was a cold, wintery day, not unlike today is for many folks who've just been hit by this snowstorm.

It was great to interview Marie France, one of the officers and meet her beautiful Canadian horse Diablo. Check out this horse video from Mount Royal Park and the transcript below.

Video Clip Transcript

Darley Newman, Host & Producer, Equitrekking: The highest point in Montreal is in Mont Royal Park, a giant backyard that urbanites share, sort of like New York’s Central Park. We’re meeting up at the park police headquarters to learn about the famous police horses who patrol the park and the city.

Darley: So who do we have here?
Marie France, Officer: This is my horse. Diablo’s been with me for eight years now.
Darley: And he is a Canadian horse?
Marie: Yeah, a Canadian breed.
Darley: A Canadian breed. And what makes that breed different from other horse breeds?
Marie: They’re very calm, they’re easy to train, they’re very strong, they have good feet. That’s why we- we went for the Canadian, because with all the surface that we patrol, we need some horses with great hoof and big feet.

Darley: The horses wear special shoes, so that they don’t slip on the ice, and they don’t just keep the park visitors safe, they keep them smiling. For some urbanites, these horses are the horses that they grow up with.

Marie: It’s the way people approach you, it’s the way that they ask question, and they want to talk about your job. That’s the best part of that.
Darley: Well thanks for letting me meet Diablo.
Marie: Ah, you’re welcome.

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