My Top Three Romantic Horse Riding Vacations: Hawaii

A photo tour of sunset horse riding on Maui- one of my top three great places for a romantic riding vacation. 

by Darley Newman

You can't get much more romantic than a sunset horse ride in the West Maui Mountains. Maui is an island paradise that is one of the top honeymoon destinations for a reason. For horse lovers, there are a variety of ranches and stables where you can ride while on your vacation in Maui. My most romantic pick is the sunset ride.

#2 - Maui Sunset Ride

Maui sunset horse ride

Overlook the Pacific Ocean as you climb to new heights on a two hour ride in the West Maui Mountains. On our ride, we sat on our mounts in silence as the sun set. Words couldn't desribe the beauty. Our horses were either really well trained or seemed to like the setting sun too, as they stood quietly as the sky lit up.

Maui forest trails

Ride through secluded forested trails not far from the resort town of Lahaina.

Maui beach

When not on horseback, Maui has a variety of beaches where you can stroll hand in hand and take a dip. For romantic adventure lovers, other Maui activities like zip lining and riding into Haleakala Volcano may be more your speed.


How you can go: The great thing about the sunset ride is that beginners or experienced riders can saddle up.

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Don't want to spend too many hours in the saddle or just looking for a part-day ride while on Maui? Take this ride with Ironwood Ranch.

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