Must Love Ranch Cats- Cute, Curious & Cool Kitties

Anyone who rides horses knows that barn cats are a thing! What about ranch cats!?!? Check out some of the cutest, most curious and coolest cats at these USA dude ranches.

by Darley Newman

Sometimes a name says it all... like Raucous, the cat at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Colorado that hangs out on the fence near the livestock, or Troublemaker Sammy at the Colorado Cattle Company.  I've visited ranches across the USA and loved not only the horses and dogs, but the ranch cats. At one unamed ranch, one of the cats snuggled up at the end of my bed in my cabin one chilly night (shhh! I wasn't supposed to let him in) and elsehwere, I've gotten to pet furry, funny felines that have sometimes distinct ranch roles. 

Whether these cats are there to hunt or purrr, they may make for a memorable addition to your ranch vacation. Check out these cool and cute ranch cats.

ranch cats sylvan dale

Raucous the ranch cat loves to be on the fence near the livestock at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Colorado.

Colorado Cattle Company Cats

If you're not careful, you could end up taking one of Colorado Cattle Company's cats home! They're just cute enough to do so.

Colorado Cattle Company cats

Sammy's beauty hides the fact that this cat has been called "troublemaker" at the Colorado Cattle Company, a Top 20 Ranch.

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Cats

This one sure has enough fur to keep her warm! Winter at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch in New Mexico.

cat vista verde ranch

This beautiful barn kitty belongs to Vista Verde Ranch in Colorado.

Home Ranch cats

At Home Ranch in Colorado, Mo may answer your phone calls and handle your check in.