March for Mustangs, Washington, DC

I spent the day covering the March for Mustangs in Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington, DC. I actually helped film the event for a friend who is covering the issue. It was a good chance to learn more about what's going on with the Wild Mustangs in America's West. The rally was to protest the Bureau of Land Management's round-ups of wild horses. Currently, there are tens of thousands of wild horses in holding pens in the American West. 

Author RT Fitch, "Cloud" filmmaker Ginger Kathrens, author and naturalist Hope Ryden(as seen in photo) and actress Wendie Malick, who you may know from David Spade series "Just Shoot Me," all spoke. Country Music Artist, Clay Canfield, came all the way from Tennessee to sing his song “Wild Horses." I was able to meet and speak with Hope Ryden, who has led a fascinating life photographing animals all over the world in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and Australia, and who is an outspoken horse advocate. I also met Ginger and Wendie, as I attempted to get as much footage as possible.

I haven't filmed anything of length in a long time and since no tripods were allowed, my arms got tired, as I tried to hold my camera steady. For me, covering something from behind a lens can feel like scuba diving. I almost feel set apart from what's happening-- more like an observer than a participant. It gives me a different perspective. It also helps me really focus on the details of an event and attempt to zoom in on those so the audience at home gets a sense of being there.