Jordan- Dead Sea

After riding through Petra and the Wadi Rum Desert with the Bedouin, I was ready to relax and take a dip, rather float, in the famous Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. The Dead Sea is known for its healing properties. People gather along the shore to slather its mud on their bodies, float, wash off the mud and repeat-- if you can stand it. It's obvious that the Dead Sea is salty. Its high salt and mineral content allow you to float, but I found that it did sting my skin a bit. I do have sensitive skin though. I was advised not to shave my legs a few days before my dip, which I understood well as I walked from the stoney shore into the water. It felt thick and oily. Float I did! With a copy of the English newspaper, the Jordan Times, I relaxed on my back, buoyant like a rubber ducky.

After you get out, if you are at a resort hotel, like we were, you can shower off. I did so before then entering the pool, where I swam while watching the sun set. In the distance across the Dead Sea, I could see the lights of Jerusalem. That night, there was a festive band outside, and I felt like I was in Hawaii rather than Jordan. It was an interesting experience. If only I had made an appointment at the spa!

Here's a short video clip of me floating in the Dead Sea.

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