Ireland Travel - River Shannon Travel Video

Learn about the history of the Ireland's longest river, the site of Viking invasions and monastic isles, in this Ireland travel video clip. 

by Darley Newman

The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland. The river was used by the Vikings to navigate inland and raid monasteries along its banks.


Video Transcript

Darley Newman, Host & Producer: Ah the Irish Sun. They say that you can have four seasons in Ireland in one day, and we’ve definitely experienced that on our travels. So I’m enjoying a little bit of sun here by the River Shannon. The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland. Now the river’s provided many benefits for the people of Ireland. But, during the Viking age, it worked against them.

Vikings used the river to navigate inland, raiding the monasteries that lined its banks as they traveled.

Today, you’ll mostly see people boating for pleasure, and it’s a beautiful setting to catch some rays, if the Irish sun is shining.

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