Horses in the Snow- Fun Winter Horse Photos & Videos

A picturesque winter scene... horses romping in the snow or carrying guests in horse drawn sleighs. Below are some iconic winter horse images and videos to put you in the horsey holiday spirit. Don your layers and get outside and play!

Happy holidays!

horses in the snow photos

White and black horses in snow by Charlotte Geary Photography.

Vista Verde Guest Ranch horses in snow

Dramtic photo of horses from Vista Verde Guest Ranch in Colorado.

blonde snow horse

Blonde snow horse in Quebec. Photo taken by Chip Ward, Equitrekking.

A video taken on the West Side Drive in Central Park in New York City December 16, 1898. This interesting Library of Congress video shows a continuous stream of handsome rigs and turnouts passing in both directions down a snow-covered road.

Bar W Guest Ranch horses in snow

Pure freedom! Photo from Bar W Guest Ranch in Whitefish, Montana.

Equitrekking drives a horse drawn sleigh in Quebec. 

western pleasure guest ranch

Bill and Larry enjoy the mountain views at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch in Idaho.

Little cowboy rides at The Hideout

A little cowboy rides at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch in Wyoming.

Police horses in Montreal's Mount Royal Park.