Horse Riding Kyrgyzstan - A Montana Traveler Review

Read a Montana resident's review of horse trekking in Kyrgyzstan

I wanted to tell you about the most exciting horse trekking adventure I have ever been on and think it would make a great program for you.

For eight years, I have been traveling to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and always include a ride with Shepherd's Way Trekking in Barskoon, Kyrgyzstan next to the giant Tien Shan Mountains bordering China and on the shores of the second largest alpine lake in the world.

horse riding Kyrgyzstan

Ishen, Gulmira and Rash, the owners and operators of Shepherd's Way, have been guiding horseback treks in to the Tien Shan range for over fifteen years. They use the native horses and deeply embrace and support the traditional breeding and use of horses in this land where horse is king.

You couldn't find a better source than Ishen Obolbekeva for any information on the Kyrgyz horse and the culture that surrounds it. He and his brother Rash are very charismatic and truly reflect the honor and beauty of the shepherding culture in their country.

Kyrgyzstan horse riding

They also hold a horse festival every year, which showcases the traditional races and games of their culture. After riding with them for years now, they are personal friends.

I have done week-long treks with them, three-day trips and day trips enjoying spectacular scenery and intriguing shepherd culture. I have a business in Kyrgyzstan, and my first trip to the country was all organized for me by Shepherd's Way Trekking. Most of their clients are European, and they need more American horse enthusiasts.

horse riding Kyrgyzstan

Learn more about this trip on the Shepherd's Way Trekking website. 

About the Author

Paula Halverson is a Montana resident who travels to Kyrgyzstan frequently for her business, Aizada Imports, which sells felted wool handicrafts from Kyrgyzstan.