Horseback Riding in France - A Foal from Haras les Pins, a Norman Stud Farm - Part 3

A Meeting with a Foal from Haras les Pins

by Caroline Maffry

After a fascinating and full day of riding, we returned with the two horses to the farm, as Catherine waited by the bay with Chloe for a second trip. As we approached the paddocks with the trailer, Jean-Pierre pulled over and asked us to help him turn the horse out in the fields.


After a long day’s work, the horses surely were in need of a good roll and play time with their other horse friends.

meeting herd

As we removed the halters Jean-Pierre invited us to step into the field. He assured us that all the horses were friendly and that we were safe.


Jean-Pierre pointed out each one by name, explaining its age and breed. Most of the horses had been born and raised right on the farm, but one in particular had come from Haras les Pins, the famously renowned Norman stud farm an hour or so from were we were. 

Haras les Pins is fondly called the “Versailles for Horses”

caroline and horse

Some of the finest horses have come from Haras les Pins and here we were with one nuzzling its nose on us. As our stay in Normandy had to be short, visiting Haras les Pins would have to wait for our next trip.

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