Great American Ranches Preview

I just returned from speaking at Equine Affaire, where I was able to meet many people from across the country and world and hear about their experiences horseback riding in exotic locales and close to home. So many people shared fond memories of riding at ranches when they were kids, something that travelers can do with their entire family. I've been fortunate to be able to visit a lot of ranches in my travels, and they have all been different. From rustic, historic ranches like T Cross in Wyoming to more luxurious destinations like Wildcatter in Texas to large working ranches in Hawaii, there are diverse ranches where you can saddle up and learn to ride or improve your skills.

Above, check out a video preview for Equitrekking's new high definition special "Equitrekking Great American Ranches". Interviewing ranch owners and cowboys who have chosen to hold fast to their traditions and Western culture, this special episode delves into the history of American dude ranches and what it’s like to run a ranch in America. We ride through some of the beautiful wild terrain on ranches in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Quebec, Texas, Maui and the Big Island. I'll post more clips from this special episode in the coming days. Please look for it on your local PBS station.

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