Gettysburg Battlefield Horseback Riding Tours: Ride Into History

Horseback riding in Gettysburg has become one of the most engaging ways to interact with the town’s rich Civil War history. Visitors from around the world are not only viewing history from five feet up, they are learning about the war’s largest battle from the viewpoint of the cavalry – a unique vantage-point that can only be appreciated on horseback.

gettysburg horseback tours

Today, four horseback tour companies provide a variety of tours for visitors to Gettysburg National Military Park, one of the country’s most visited historic sites. There, miles of trails provide views of both the Union and Confederate battle lines and share the unique perspective of officers mounted on horseback during the 1863 battle.

Cornerstone Farms Horseback Tours

Cornerstone Farms specializes in small group tours. Each ride is with a licensed battlefield guide and challenges riders to experience the battle from the view of Robert E. Lee, who was forced to make a decision for the battle’s most fateful charge. The ride covers much of the Confederate line, riding out to the middle of the battlefield to see first-hand the changes in terrain that became so important for the battle.

Gettysburg Pennsylvania horseback tours

National Riding Stables

The National Riding Stables makes its home at Artillery Ridge Campground beyond the Union battle line – making it the only ride in Gettysburg to cover the ground of the Union army. The National Riding Stables is Gettysburg’s oldest horseback tour and features dozens of rescue horses.

Gettysburg Pennsylvania horseback riding tours

Hickory Hollow Horseback Tours

Providing horseback tours for over 30 years, Hickory Hollow Horseback tours follows the Confederate battle line, crosses over the famous Emmitsburg Road and includes stops such as the Spangler Farm, Trostle Farm and other historic sites such as the Peach Orchard and Wheatfield.

Gettysburg Pennsylvania horseback tours

Confederate Trails of Gettysburg

The Confederate Trails rides follow the Confederate line with either a licensed battlefield guide or recorded tour by a guide and gives an in-depth look at the Confederate Army during the battle on July 3 as the ride follows the trail behind the Confederate line. Rides are either 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Confederate Trails also offers a Victorian Carriage ride of the battlefield and the town of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Pennsylvania horseback riding tours

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