4 Great Dude Ranch Videos

There's nothing like the power of video to truly take you to a destination. We've been filming ranches for the past decade for Equitrekking and love riding and filming at USA ranches. We scoured the web to find some of the top ranch videos to take you to places you may like to visit during your lifetime. Check out the below videos of ranch destinations to get a sense of ranch life and ranch vacations.

Cherokee Park Ranch horseback riding

Riding at Cherokee Park Ranch in Colorado.


No. 1 Mountain Sky Guest Ranch 

This video takes you through a day at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Paradise Valley in Montana starting with a hike and cowboy cofffee. This luxury ranch has been welcoming guests since 1929 and offers activities for all ages. 

No. 2 Cherokee Park Ranch 

This video will give you a good idea of what it's like to ride in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Cherokee Park Ranch is located less than a two hours drive from the Denver International Airport in Livermore. With a high percentage of return visitors, travelers are drawn to this ranch to lope through meadows covered in wildflowers, fjord rivers, take in mountain views and beyond.

No. 3 White Stallion Ranch

We like this timelapse video from White Stallion Ranch near Tucson. It's both mesmorizing and relaxing! As the sun goes down over the corrals, see the beautiful colors in the sky in sunny Arizona.

No. 4 The Ranch at Rock Creek

We love the opening aerials in this video showcasing the luxurious Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. See fun both inside and the ranch's stunning interiors in this video. Somewhere around the turn of the century, The Ranch was homesteaded by W.W. Shaffer and P.W. White and has since been operated continuously as a working cattle ranch. 

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