Explore Medieval Carlingford, Ireland Video

Travel to a hidden gem, the medieval town of Carlingford on the Cooley Peninsula with Emmy winning Equitrekking.

Join host Darley Newman to explore the castles and ambience of this town, which Equitrekking Travel participants ride horses to on the two day trek that is part of the Ravensdale Equestrian Vacation. Also visit the Proleek Dolmen, a giant portal tomb known as the "Giant's Load."



Video Transcript

Darley Newman, Host & Producer: We’re traveling to the nearby town of Carlingford.

This part of Ireland is not on the typical tourist itinerary, but at only an hour from Dublin or Belfast, you might want to add it to yours. The Cooley Peninsula is dotted with seaside towns, like Carlingford, which has been a popular destination since the Vikings invaded in the 9th century.

The town itself seems relatively quiet, but Carlingford has had turbulent history. As one of the most prosperous ports on Ireland’s East Coast, Carlingford’s residents were on the defensive.

This is evidenced by many of the town’s buildings, such as King John’s Castle, built by the Normans to keep watch over the lough, and Taafe’s Castle, a 16th century fortified home that demonstrates the wealth that some of Carlingford’s merchant families garnered from trade. Carlingford’s historic sites are well preserved, making a stroll in this village, a true step back in time.

Just outside of Carlingford, we’re making a stop at an ancient Irish burial tomb, the Proleek Dolmen.

The Proleek Dolmen dates back to around 3000 B.C. These stones are thought to form the entrance to an ancient burial tomb and no one knows how the top stone, which weighs between 30 and 46 tones, was placed on top. Now according to local legend, if you throw a stone and it stays on top, you get your wish. And it looks like a lot of people have had their wishes come true. Not on this trip.

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