Equitrekking on The Colbert Report - Stephen Colbert on his Emmy Competition

Go to minute 1:44 of this video to see Stephen Colbert talking about his competition for the Daytime Emmy Awards -  Equitrekking - in his segment Award to the Wise. I think Stephen and I should talk about collaborating on that pack-mule yachting idea!

Equitrekking has been honored with a Daytime Emmy nomination in the 38th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Special Class Writing. This is the third consecutive year that we've been nominated for a Daytime Emmy!

Equitrekking is nominated alongside some major TV productions, inlcuding The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Teen Kids News on Fox and Jon Stewart’s landmark televised rally on Washington, DC’s Mall The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, which broadcast on Comedy Central.

This is Equitrekking’s fourth Daytime Emmy nomination. Equitrekking won an Emmy for Outstanding Single Camera Photography in 2009 and was honored with a nomination for Outstanding Special Class Series in 2009 and 2010. Awards will be presented at a gala in Los Angeles on June 17th.