Equitrekking Travel in Iceland on the Viking Riding Vacation

Equitrekking Travel's Julie Snyder sets this week off on an Iceland riding adventure, trekking the Thingvellir area, a centuries old central meeting point for those travelling Iceland on horseback.

With stunning lava landscapes, tough and fun Icelandic horses and a unique Viking history, Iceland is a fascinating country to explore on horseback. Equitrekking Travel's Julie Snyder is about to discover some of this history and culture as she rides the Thingvellir Viking Trail. An equestrian travel specialist, part of Julie's job is to test out riding vacations, so she can then give first-hand recommendations to potential travelers. (we know! It's a tough job!) Some recent adventures have taken Julie from her home in Wisconsin to ride in Ireland and Costa Rica, and she's very excited to take on Iceland, a popular riding destination for US and global travelers.

We'll be posting photos and blogs from Julie from the trails in Iceland, but in the meantime, check out these drool-worthy photos to see where Julie gets to ride and where you can ride as well! 

Thingvellir Viking Horse Trails Iceland

On the Thingvellir Viking Tour, Julie will get to ride in the hoofprints of famous Icelanders and riders. The route was used by many people throughout history to reach the old parliament at Thingvellir, a designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Snorri Sturlusson, the author of many of the Icelandic Sagas, was a frequent traveler on the route. 

Thingvellir riding Iceland

Riding Icelandic horses in Iceland is a special experience. On the Viking Trail, riders get to experience these horses on the trails and learn about how local Icelanders ride and their equestrian culture. On this riding vacation, travelers stop by a riding facility used by the Agriculture University at Hvanneyri to learn about the Icelandic ways of horsemanship.

Thingvellir Iceland

Thingvellir is where Iceland's national assembly was established around 930 and met until 1798. This is a very important historic site to Icelanders, as major events in Iceland´s history have taken place at this special site.

Thingvellir national park iceland vacations

Julie will get to straddle the geologic dividing live between Europe and the Americas, then Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where two continental plates are pulling apart. In this spot, the North American and European tectonic plates meet, and as they drift apart, Iceland is slowly being split in two! 

waterfalls Iceland Thingvellir

Waterfalls, glaciers, cliffs and lava fields are just some of the scenic treasures in this area of Southwest Iceland. Another great part of the tour is soaking in hot springs, both to soothe muscles after riding and for relaxation. It's an Icelandic tradition! Julie will get to experience the geothermal pools of the Fontana Spa at a Spa & Wellness center built on natural hot springs.


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