Alaska Whitewater Rafting Travel Video

Go whitewater rafting on the Nenana River in Denali, Alaska in this Equitrekking travel video clip. 

by Darley Newman

Transcript below

Video Transcript

DARLEY: (VO) We’re whitewater rafting on the Nenana River, which rests along the border of Denali National Park. We get outfitted in dry suits before our team takes off to take on the river.

DARLEY: So how cold is this water?

RAFTING GUIDE: Thirty-six degrees.

DARLEY: Oh, that’s cold.

RAFTING GUIDE: Very cold. It’s… this water 12 to 15 hours old. Uh it was glacier ice yesterday. 

DARLEY: (VO) The Nenana River is glacier fed, making the water quite chilly and our dry suits very necessary.

DARLEY: Wow. Laughs. That’s cold.

RAFTING GUIDE: My first summer, for my rescue training, we actually had to swim this as part of our training.

DARLEY: Are you serious?

RAFTING GUIDE: Once you get used to the water it’s really not bad.

DARLEY: Oh yeah.

RAFTING GUIDE: It is a little chilly.

DARLEY: And are you trying to avoid the rocks? Or do you just plow over them?

RAFTING GUIDE: Most times I’m trying to avoid the rocks. The trick is knowing which ones are deep enough to go over and which ones you want to avoid. The silt makes it a little harder for us, cause we can’t see any of the rocks sticking out. After spending a summer here, if we go to the lower 48 and work. It feels like cheating. Cause you can see every rock.

DARLEY: (VO) During our 11 mile stretch, we’d hit multiple class three and four rapids, making my first experience white water rafting, definitely exciting.