Dude Ranch Video Playlist

Learn about the history of American dude ranches and get packing tips for your ranch vacation in these special videos from the Emmy winning TV series, Equitrekking.

by Darley Newman

We've visited dude ranches and guests ranches across the United States in Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and beyond. Check out these videos that we've compiled from interviewing ranchers and riding horses at great American ranches. 


1. The Original Dudes - Dude Ranch History 

Learn about the original dude ranch guests in the U.S.A. and check out some fun, old photos. This video may give you fashion inspiration for your ranch vacation... or not.

2. Dude Ranch History 

Learn about dude ranch history in the U.S.A. in this video clip from the Emmy-winning Equitrekking TV show. Ranchers recount famous guests who've visited their historic ranches including the Vanderbilts and Roosevelts. 

3. Ranch Vacation Packing Tips

Get ranch vacation packing tips. Learn what's most important to wear and pack for your time on the range.

4. Great American Ranches Preview

Watch a video promo for the Equitrekking Great American Ranches TV special, which has broadcast in the past on PBS stations. Ranches profiled in Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and beyond.

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