Dog Stars of Equitrekking Quiz

Take this TV trivia quiz and see if you can remember what episode these dogs starred in on Emmy winning Equitrekking

Many a viewer has asked us about the cool dogs who run along with us on the trails during the filming of Equitrekking. See if you can recognize the episodes in which these dogs play extras by playing Equitrekking's quiz game. You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page. 

1. This rambunctious blue healer kept up with us on cattle drives, trail rides and a harrowing cantering scene, where Darley's horse tries to kick the horse behind her. 

This Equitrekking dog star appears in...

A. Wyoming

B. Texas

C. Alberta

2. Tequila, a Jack Russell, was nicknamed the scavengar by our crew. Because of the location where we were filming with Tequila, we stopped a lot along the trails to have food and wine and Tequila was right below us at every stop to clean up the crumbs. What a helpful assistant! 


This Equitrekking dog star appears in...

A. Uruguay

B. Virginia

C. Southern Spain

3. This black lab decided that he needed to cool off before we took off on our smooth ride on Tennessee Walking Horses. He really had fun shaking off the water, some of which landed on our cameraman!

This Equitrekking dog star appears in...

A. Kentucky

B. Quebec

C. The Carolinas

4. This working dog loves his job herding cattle and is trained to respond to a whistle. We met this pooch at an exotic, eco-friendly locale with lots of good energy.

This Equitrekking dog star appears in...

A. Argentina

B. Uruguay

C. Colorado

Equitrekking Dog Quiz Answers Below

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