Cattle Drives in Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado and Beyond

From Wyoming to Colorado to Kansas, where to participate in cattle drives on your next vacation.

by Darley Newman

We've received several inquiries in the last few days about where to participate in a cattle drive vacation. While all of these destinations we've highlighted in the Equitrekking Vacation Guide offer some kind of cattle drive, the below are some specific cattle drives to check out. These stand out for their authenticity and cool locations at working ranches. Whether you're seeking a real working ranch holiday or a progressive cattle drive, we've got you covered.

Hideout ranch cattle drives wyoming

A beatiful setting to drive cattle at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch in Wyoming.

The real deal progressive cattle drives!

Doublerafter Cattle Drives is already filling up their summer weeks, as this is a truly unique, old school cattle drive vacation. Just like they've been doing for over 120 years, guests join real cowboys from the Doublerafter's working ranch to travel 8-12 miles a day over varied terrain and elevations to move cattle to summer grass. Sleeping in tents and eating Dutch Oven meals cooked over hot coals, you'll have ridden between 40 and 50 miles through the Big Horns by the end of the week. Learn more.

Moore Ranch in Kansas has several cattle drives in the spring and fall. This real working ranch is located in Southwest Kansas. Guests drive Longhorn cattle–– trotting, loping, cantering or galloping as necessary through the prairies–– and sleep under the stars or in cowboy teepees. Learn more.

The Bar W Guest Ranch in Whitefish, Montana offers special spring and fall cattle drives that give a traditional experience. Guests ride through the Blackfeet Reservation to a base camp and then gather up the cattle, drive them back to the corrals, sort the mother cows and calves and then brand, inoculate, and doctor the young males. Learn more.

Cattle drives at working ranches

Colorado Cattle Company & Guest Ranch in Northern Colorado, where we filmed for Equitrekking and participated in Cutting Horse Dream Week, is a real working ranch experience where cattle drives are a necessity. Guests gather cattle off the range, brand calves, check water, salt and fences and enjoy around 50 hours in the saddle during their week! Be prepared for work at this cattle ranch and instruction from pro cowboys and cowgirls. Learn more.

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is a large working cattle and horse ranch in Shell, Wyoming that offers cattle work for all levels of riders from beginning to advanced. Depending on the season, you may ride through BLM pasture looking for strays, into the Cloud Peak Wilderness or high up into the mountains. Learn more.

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