Bulgaria Riding Holiday Traveler Review

An equestrian reviews a Bulgaria riding vacation that she found on EquitrekkingTravel.com - the Bulgaria Riding Holidays - Balkan Mountain Adventure - and shares photos from her adventures.

by Sarah Oakman

The trip was absolutely amazing. The airport pick up and drop off went exactly as expected. The trails were just beautiful. The food was spectacular. All the people were incredibly friendly and knowledgable. The lodgings weren't ever going to be nominated for 5-star status, but every place we stayed was perfectly fine and in a beautiful setting.

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They import all their tack from the U.S., so an American Western rider will be right at home. The horses were great and easy to get used to the for trails. The spend a lot of time with and take great care with the horses, which considering how hard the horses work each week, it was good to see. They did say I was their second American for this season, and it is a shame because it was beautiful, challenging and incredible riding. I know it takes a while to get there, but it was well worth the trip.

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The food was amazing. All fruits and vegetables we ate were fresh, usually from a local garden next to the house or lodging. They do serve pork at every meal, so they ended up making vegetarian meals for me (and one other person in the group). At one of the guest houses where we stayed for two nights, the guy even made a special chicken dinner for me. It was extremely thoughtful and unexpected.

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They recommended 100 Leva for the currency exchange, and they were right on the mark. I don't drink very much, so I ended up having more than half leftover, but for some people it would be just right.
They were very easy to work with and the whole trip exceeded my expectations. It is definitely a trip I would recommend.

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