Best of Irish Countryside Travel Video

Discover the Best Horse Riding & Irish Horse Tourist Spots in Ireland's Countryside in this Equitrekking travel video

by Darley Newman

I've traveled to Ireland three times now, filming for Equitrekking and riding horses around the entire country.

In this special video, we've showcased the Best of the Irish Countryside, exploring a neolithic tomb from a 300-year-old farmhouse in County Clare, horseback riding on the grounds of one of Ireland's oldest sporting estates at Mount Juliet, taking  an insider's tour of the Irish National Stud, and visiting Connemara Ponies at the Dartfield Horse Museum.

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Video Transcript

Darley Newman: Ah, the lush, green Irish countryside. There’s nothing else like it and no better way to see it than on horseback. Here’s a look at some top riding spots in the Irish Countryside…

Step back to a more civilized time, as you trot through one of Ireland’s great country estates- Mount Juliet. The good part about traveling here is that there is something for everyone- rider or not- Enjoy including biking, world-class golf and fishing. I explored the estate on Harold, a strong Irish Sport horse, who took me by Mount Juliet’s famous stud farm, into the cool waters of the River Nore and beyond.

An Sibin is a lovely 300 year old farmhouse that husband and wife team Nicola and Bertie have carefully restored. You’ll feel right at home in this almost fairy tale like setting, nestled among the mountains and forests, by the River Shannon. From here, you’ll ride out to see an ancient buriel tomb, the River Shannon and end your day in an authentic Irish pub, where few tourists venture. It’s a true Irish experience in a relaxing, rural part of Ireland.

The Irish are proud of their horses and at the Irish National Stud, you can have an insider’s look at some of Ireland fastest racehorses. Located about an hour from Dublin in County Kildare, the stud dates back to the early 1900’s when Colonel William Hall Walker, a wealthy Scotsman and equestrian purchased the farm and began to breed thoroughbreds.

Darley: Many people thought that Hall-Walker’s breeding style was a bit eccentric. He installed skylights in the horse’s stalls, so that the horses could look up at the moon and stars. He used astrology and horoscopes to dictate which foals were sold and which were kept. No matter how bizarre his methods may have seemed at the time, they worked.

This stud farm is one of the very few that is open to the public, so take advantage and definitely ask to see the foals.

At the Dartfield Horse Museum the Connemara Pony takes top billing and if you are lucky, legendary Willie Leahy will tell you why he loves these wonderful horses so much.

Willie Leahy: They're wonderful riding ponies and for jumping, eventing, show jumping, cross country, hunting... They're very gentle. They're good for everybody.

Darley: This museum is not far from bustling Galway and will introduce you to the history of horses in Ireland and let you see hundreds of beautiful Connemara Ponies- running free.

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