Best of Ireland’s Coast Travel Video

Explore the Best Destinations for beach horseback riding and more on Ireland's Coast in this Equitrekking video clip. 

by Darley Newman

Horseback riding on the beach is thrill in Ireland's wild and diverse locations. Trek to the tidal island of Omey Island in Connemara, Ireland's Wild West. Trek the Cooley Peninsula in Northwest Ireland. View bright Dingle Bay on the Ring of Kerry and ride horses on the wide beaches of Donegal. 

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Video Transcript

Darley Newman: There are lots of great places to go horseback riding in Ireland. Here are some of my favorite places to ride on Ireland’s Coast. So saddle up for Equitrekking in Ireland.

Omey Island was one of the most interesting rides that I have ever taken and I recommend it for anyone who wants to be immersed in history and hear colorful tales of Ireland’s past. Omey Island is off the far coast of Connemara in western Ireland. Connemara is home to the famed and hardy Connemara Pony and stunning natural scenery.

Siobhan Cazabon and I rode over a sand bridge to get to this mythical island, which is only accessible during parts of the day. Visit the well of St. Feichin, who established a monastery here in the 7th century, and make sure to bring a gift. Don’t forget to check your watch, as people have been known to get stuck here, on this island that is truly a world away from it all.

Niall Connelly at Ravensdale is the kind of guide you want when you are horseback riding in a new area. He’s the fourth generation of his family to live in Ravensdale on Ireland’s northeast Cooley Peninsula and he’ll take you to see the best sights of this lesser visited destination, like an ancient stone circle, abandoned stone cottages along quiet country roads and to a high spot with the very best views of the area. Ask to ride Jesse, a sweet Irish Cob, who I was privileged to ride with Niall while in Ravensdale.

In Donegal, ride the beach, surf and then venture down an old Smuggler’s Road to take in Northern Ireland in the distance and hear about Ireland’s “Troubles” first-hand. It’s not a pleasant part of Irish history, but there’s no better way to hear the history and truly absorb it than from someone who had lived it in this beautiful section of Northwest Ireland.

I talk to many American riders who have ridden in Ireland with the O’Sullivan family. They have become somewhat of an institution, but not at all a dull one. Aoife will take you along the Ring of Kerry, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland to see majestic mountains that sweep down to pristine lakes, the bright blue waters of Dingle Bay and to tell you stories of Irish folklore and superstitions- best of all you’ll do it on strong Irish horses and comfortable saddles and you’re guaranteed to have the best table or rock for your lunch, which always tastes better during a day in the saddle. 

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