Arizona Travel Videos

Watch travel videos featuring cuisine and horse riding outside Phoenix, Arizona!

by Darley Newman

Meet a modern gold prospector, ride the Bradshaw Mountains and learn how to make peach cobbler Dutch Oven style in the below travel videos that we filmed in high definition on our trip to Arizona.


1. Humbug Mine, Arizona

Pan for gold with modern prospector David Burns at historic Humbug Mine in Arizona. Humbug is one of more than 40 ghost towns in the Bradshaw Mountains, and David Burns has been searching for gold there for over 25 years. This segment is part of Equitrekking Arizona episode in the third season of the Emmy-winning high definition TV show.

2. Bradshaw Mountains Horse Riding, Arizona

Horseback ride in the Bradshaw Mountains, experiencing the gold rush history of the area, with a local guide.

3. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

Host Darley Newman learns how to make Dutch Oven peach cobbler from Cowgirl Chef Barbara Kennedy in Cave Creek, Arizona at the Buffalo Chip, a restaurant that you can ride your horse to and hitch him up outside- just like in the Old West. 

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