American Dude Ranch Vacations Videos from PBS TV Show

Discover ranches and get tips for planning your summer ranch vacation with helpful and fun videos from Equitrekking's "Great American Ranches" PBS TV show.

by Darley Newman

Interested in a summer ranch vacation? After exploring ranches and experiencing ranch life in Alberta, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Uruguay, Quebec and beyond and filming them for our Emmy-winning Public Television series Equitrekking and Great American Ranches TV show, I'm definitely an expert on how to prepare for a dude ranch stay, what to pack and where to travel. In an effort to help you plan your ranch travels, we've posted some helpful videos and resources below.

Ranch Vacation Travel Tips including What to Pack, How to Ride Western Style and more!

Watch this video for travel tips on packing for your ranch vacation, including what to wear and what not to wear for optimal comfort in the saddle. For more information, check out our recommended ranch vacation packing list, including a print friendly version

Explore the Western style of riding, which you may encounter if you visit an American dude ranch, guest ranch or take a trail riding vacation. Learn about Western riding and hear a beginner's take on what it's like to ride Western style. Go in depth on this topic and read the transcript from this video. 

Dream Ranch Vacation Destinations

Colorado is a great state for horseback riding ranches that encompass the spirit of the Old West. Whether you ride the plains of the North or the Rockies of the South, you're in for off-the-beaten-path Western adventures. Learn about Colorado dude ranches and what it's like to run a dude ranch in this Equitrekking video.

The Hawaiian islands have a unique cowboy culture. Learn about Upcountry Maui, where old West and New Age combine for an interesting Western scene. Piiholo Ranch, where travelers can take a horseback ride, is also profiled. Watch the video to find out more and see Maui's beautiful scenery and fascinating ranch life!

Learn about Big Island horseback riding and the history of cattle drives and paniolos, Hawaiian cowboys. As you may imagine, shipping cattle off of these remote islands was quite a task. Learn how it was done throughout history. Explore beautiful and historic Parker Ranch and Kahua Ranch in Waimea.

Dude Ranch History Videos from Equitrekking's Public Television Show 

Learn about the history of dude ranches in America, including the Eaton brothers first ranch and the original "dudes." This video has a fun and educational look at the U.S. legacy of guest ranches and Western history, including interviews with modern ranchers. Historical photographs edited with the "Ken Burns" effect bring this historical documentary to life.

Great American Ranches TV Show

For Equitrekking's Great American Ranches TV show, we visited various dude ranches, guest ranches and working ranches in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Quebec, Texas, Maui and the Big Island to see how their geography and history influence their present workings and what it's like to visit a dude ranch today. Through interviews with longtime dude ranchers and cowboys who have chosen to hold fast to their traditions and Western culture, watch this video to learn what it's like to run a ranch in America, while also riding through some of the beautiful wild terrain where these ranches lie.

Check out more ranch and riding vacation Travel Tips. Watch more videos on Equitrekking's YouTube Channel. Search for your next horseback riding vacation, cattle drive or ranch escape in the Equitrekking Vacation Guide and