Alaska Seward Highway Scenic Drive Video

Drive along Alaska's Seward Highway view glaciers, mountains, dense evergreen forests, dall sheep, summer flowers and more.

by Darley Newman

Transcript Below


Video Transcript

Darley Newman, Host & Producer: To get to Denali, I’m taking a great American drive.

I’m driving the Seward Highway, which has been called one of America’s Most Scenic Drives. It stretches from Anchorage to Seward and passes by glacier fed lakes, snow capped mountains, these dense evergreen forests. I travel a lot and this scenery is truly spectacular.

The road from Seward to Anchorage is 127 miles, but you’ll want to allot at least half of your day so you can drive at your own pace and make stops to smell the flowers and see the wildlife, especially if those gymnastic Seward highway sheep are out scaling the mountainside.

I pass Anchorage and drive North towards Denali National Park in the interior of Alaska. This part of Alaska is diverse. Throughout the park, the mighty Alaska Range rises up into the clouds and the floor is blanketed in colorful mosses and flowering plants.