Alaska Exit Glacier Salmon Bake Video

Imagine the taste of fresh Alaska salmon in this Equitrekking travel video from the Exit Glacier Salmon Bake.

by Darley Newman

After our ride, Bree of Bardy’s Trail Rides invited me to visit her favorite place for fresh seafood in the Seward area, Exit Glacier Salmon Bake Restaurant.

We headed over to the salmon bake, where I had the best salmon that I have ever tasted in my life. Seriously, I won’t be able to go back to eating salmon on the East Coast after this. It was so fresh, seasoned and grilled perfectly. Sooo good. I had jalapeño corn bread, sautéed corn, rice pilaf, lobster sushi and peanut butter cheese cake. Yes, after riding all day, I was really hungry. We ate outside in the cool Alaska air and- because during the summer it is bright almost 24 hours a day- under a bright sky. 


Alaskans take full advantage of having warmer weather and sunlight by playing outdoors in the summer. Bree asked me to do the same, so after our day of riding and our dinner, we headed out on her speed boat to see the salmon headed upriver to spawn off of Bear Lake.

A plane landed on the lake, a common occurrence in Alaska, while we were out there. With the mountains in the distance, it was a beautiful way to end the night, under a bright sky in Alaska.

It was nice to spend more time with a local, getting to know the insider's spots in Alaska. If you visit Bree to take a pack trip, you might want to stop at Exit Glacier Salmon Bake Restaurant to try the salmon. (Open mid May through mid September)

Video Transcript

Darley Newman, Host & Producer: In Alaska during the summer, it’s light almost 24 hours a day. This can be disconcerting if you’re trying to sleep, but we’re here to take advantage of the long days, so Bree and I head over to her favorite dinner spot.

DARLEY: The salmon bake.

BREE: You’re going to love this place. Fresh Alaska salmon.

DARLEY: Oh yum.

DARLEY: (VO) At this local’s hang out by Exit Glacier, the salmon is grilled to perfection and topped with a festive mango tomato salad.

DARLEY: Oh. This looks great.

BREE: It is. This is my second time this week. Laughs

DARLEY: Laughs. The salmon is so pink.

BREE: The redder the better.

DARLEY: Mmmm. That is really good.

BREE: Uh huh. I thought you’d like that.

DARLEY: It’s so fresh it tastes like they caught it while we were horseback riding. Laughs.

BREE: Well they may have. Let’s cheers to being in Alaska.

DARLEY: Oh Thank you. Good Alaskan beer.

BREE: Yes. 

How you can go: Learn more about horse riding in Alaska with Bree Bardardon of Bardy's Trail Rides at and on Bardy's Trail Rides Alaska horse riding page in the Equitrekking Vacation Guide. 

About the Author: Darley Newman is the host and producer of the Emmy Award-winning Public Television series Equitrekking®, which takes viewers on horseback riding vacations around the world.