Zion National Park Horseback Riding - A Traveler’s Review

An equestrian relays her horse riding Utah experience from Zion National Park. Read her travel review and check out photos of views from the trail!

by Amelia McMahon

You have to go to Zion National Park! Before you even get into the park you have a wonderful drive with views of mountains and the Virgin River. When you enter, a shuttle takes you around and gives you a brief history of the park and the land.

Zion National Park

My friend Meagan booked us a four-hour trail ride on horses and mules through Zion Horseback Tours. They also have one-hour trail rides and a weeklong ride. The guide was very friendly and told us about the plants, the mountains and his other work.

Zion National Park

Half way through the ride, we stopped for a bathroom and water break. I was astonished just how quickly the scenery changed just by going around a bend.


Zion waterfall


This ride was great for beginners and those that want to see the mountains. It was all at a walk because of the sandy and rocky terrain, but beautiful with breathtaking views.

Zion terrain

I was lucky to go when I did because in a few weeks all the snow at the top of the mountains will be gone, and most of the tiny waterfalls you find on the hikes will disappear until next year, as will the tiny hanging gardens; which are plants that cling to the rocks and thrive on the waterfalls.

How you can do this ride: Zion Horseback Tours