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Join Texas Horseback Adventures for an awesome time away from the pressures of your daily routine. This is a riding vacation of simplification, getting back to the basics with a few luxuries to make your camp comfortable.

From the moment you meet your guide at the headquarters of this magnificent host ranch, the sights and sounds will slowly change. Sounds of horses’ hooves, jingling of bits and spurs, the quiet creak of your saddle, horses blowin’, all will begin to heighten your senses. The smell of the animals’ sweat or of a rain shower in the air, the rich smell of the campfire with steaks cooking or even the morning coffee will come to have a place etched in your memory.

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Texas horseback adventures

Texas Horseback Adventures

Bring a group of four friends to the Davis Mountains and ride with Missy Cantrell at Texas Horseback Adventures. 

Learn more! Contact Missy at 325.226.1966. Visit Texas Horseback's website. Email Missy.



Guests are paired with horses based on size and riding ability for these Texas riding vacations. After a brief but thorough orientation, Texas Horseback Adventures will make sure each guest is comfortable with their rig and can handle their horse appropriately. You're ready to head out. Texas Horseback Adventures intentionally keeps groups small and personal, six to eight guests to a trip. Each guest will feel the special attention. 

Please keep in mind that Texas Horseback Adventures caters each ride to the rider who is least capable. In other words, if there is a first-time rider in the group, the trail difficulty and speed of the ride will be adjusted for that novice rider for safety reasons. If you have a group of advanced riders, rest assured, Texas Horseback Adventures will tailor the ride to suit your group’s riding abilities! Whether you choose an all-day ride with lunch or the ranch ride with base camps, your knowledgeable guide will be there to help you improve your riding skills at all levels and make you feel comfortable.


This is an open range Texas riding vacation where the sky is the limit. There are no pre-set trails. This is a vast ranch where there are waterfalls, canyons, rimrock, grasslands... riders can set out to see it all by booking a custom ride!

If a member of your group is a non-rider but would like to join you in camp for the night, let Texas Horseback Adventures know when you book the trip and they'll arrange to bring them up to camp for at least one night.


Lunch is packed in saddlebags and served out on the trail with a scenic site in mind. Once in camp after a day in the saddle, guests are encouraged to find their gear and relax for awhile. The heart of the camp comes to life as the fire is started and appetizers are prepared. Everyone seems to gather back at the kitchen for visiting while dinner is cooked. Guests are welcome to become as involved in camp life as they choose. There are always things to be done and oftentimes people want to learn more about this different way of life.

Area Attractions

Guests will be on a working cattle ranch for this Texas ranch vacation. Expect to see cattle scattered across the landscape. Wildlife is abundant in the Davis Mountains: mule deer, bobcats, coyotes, black bear, mountain lions, as well as elk, aoudad, and javelina. At times, you will climb up mountain trails and will be forced to fall in one behind the other. In the meadows and valleys, you will be able to give each other a bit more room. A great luxury of riding on a private ranch is that there are no hard and fast rules for trails. There are miles upon miles to ride and there's no pre-set route of travel. Some trails are steep, rocky, and narrow, forcing riders to fall in one behind the other to climb. There will be some ranch roads and open range as well that allow for a bit more room.

The elevation ranges from 4,700 to 6,000 feet. The weather in the summer is generally warm and mild, with a possible rain shower in the afternoon. Summer temperatures are 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and mild at night. Mornings can be cool and warm up rapidly so be prepared to layer then shed them as it warms up!

On a three-day or longer trip, arrangements can be made for a massage therapist to be brought to camp for a little pampering to help with the sore muscles. Arrangements are made ahead of time for scheduling.

 Live music can be requested as the wonderful addition of a local musician joins riders around the campfire. These are booked in advance since arrangements need to be made to bring a singer in and out of this remote camp. There's a slight increase in cost but well worth it!

At a Glance

The Texas horse vacation for those who dream of saddling up on a horse and riding away from it all. Extra care is taken to pair horse and rider for your time together in the Davis Mountains of far West Texas.


Davis Mountains of West Texas


Midland / Odessa International or El Paso International

Riding Style/ Ability

Experience encouraged. Must be able to mount and dismount without mounting block.


March to mid-November


Six guests per trip


Age range for riders: 13 to 70


Rates $1000 two-day ride, $1500 three-day ride, $2000 four-day ride, $2500 five-day ride
Custom trips $500 per day