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Representing the top 100 ranches in 12 western states & 2 Canadian Provinces

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The Dude Ranchers' Association was formed in 1926 to preserve this special way of life and the wonderful environment in which dude ranching takes place. When you vacation at a Dude Ranchers' Association Dude Ranch, you can be sure of a quality vacation. Membership in the Association is a rigorous two-year inspection and approval process, to assure that guests are treated to genuine western hospitality combined with the lodging industry’s highest standards. When a ranch is accredited, we take a very serious look at their riding programs, their accommodations, and their food. We make sure the ranch is giving you the guest the type of experience they say they are.

Our Dude Ranches offer all-inclusive vacations that are perfect for everyone, from the littlest rancher to Grandpa and Grandma. Horseback riding, hiking, petting zoos, swimming holes, rodeos, fishing, games, skeet shooting, archery, art classes, cooking classes and more await your discovery on your next Dude Ranch Vacation. Horses, Hats, History and Hospitality - are the foundation of all our ranches… We are The Original Western Vacation.


Imagine yourself sitting in a big overstuffed chair with your favorite book by a crackling fire. Now, imagine glancing out of the big picture window to a view that simply takes your breath away. No noisy streets no high-rise buildings, just you, your book and that spectacular view.

Dude Ranch accommodations will vary from ranch to ranch from luxurious to elegant rustic, to Cowboy Chic. Whether you are staying in your own private cabin or in a lodge room, rest assured you will be sleeping on comfortable beds, in superbly kept rooms with all the amenities you will need.


You will discover that dining at a dude ranch will be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation. Whether you are dining around a camp fire, under the stars, enjoying a pool side barbeque or sitting at an elegant candlelit table, the food is simply amazing.

The fare will range from home-style cooking to the finest western cuisine you will find anywhere. Ranches offer freshly baked pastries and breads, fresh fruits and vegetables (often grown right on the ranch) and some of the most delectable desserts you have ever imagined. Your dining experience is truly one of our highest priorities. Special dietary needs are always accommodated upon request.

Area Attractions

There is such a variety in area attractions that truly add value to your trip; National Parks like Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, Yosemite to, local rodeos, parades, ghost towns, historical tours, world class museums and some of the best specialty shopping anywhere in the world. 


At a Glance

The only inspected and accredited Dude Ranches in North America; The Best of the Best


Representing the top 100 ranches in 12 western states and 2 Canadian Provinces


Please visit the DRA website for details and maps of airports within proximity to the ranch you have chosen

Riding Style/ Ability

Western riding for beginner riders, Intermediate riders and advanced riders


No matter the season we have a ranch to match your dreams.



Rates/ Payment methods

Because we are representing over 100 ranches the price will vary depending on the type of experience you are looking for. All DRA ranches are on the American Plan so food, lodging and most activities are included in the price.

$185 person / day to $900 person / day. Be sure and ask about children’s rates as well.