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Little Sandy River, Wyoming, USA

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About Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures

Blue Sky Sage specializes in horseback riding retreats and clinics that offer qualified women riders the opportunity to ride safely at faster gaits across the open range, with the added benefit of hands-on learning and instruction for all riders. This active riding style is a hallmark of the company, and Blue Sky Sage is one of very few companies still offering this type of vacation in the United States.

These trips are designed to be for adults only, so the minimum age is 16 years old. Small groups, a simple, yet comfortable camp, good saddle Horses, the wide-open spaces of Wyoming, and the personal attention and full-time presence of owner Bobbi Wade, all combine to make your Blue Sky Sage experience unique, and a destination adventure you will want to return to. On any given year, over 65% of our guests are multi-year return customers; this is a testimonial we are quite proud of, and humbled by. Each of Blue Sky Sage's equestrian vacations are limited to a maximum of six (6) riders. 

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Be The Heroine of Your Own Life Horseback Riding Retreats
What does that mean, you ask? With Blue Sky Sage, it means you will be in a place that can show you how to take the reins of your life back into your own hands and liberate yourself from whatever may be holding you back. With a willing horse partner to carry you, and the wide-open spaces as the dōjō, the possibilities for you to prioritize your own healing, health, and serenity of heart and mind are as vast as the blue Wyoming sky. You can hold your own space out here, whether you are meditating in the saddle or soaking in the creek, in the peace to be found with Mother Nature. 

There is nothing better for the soul than the whisper of a summer wind on the skin and that unique feel of a good saddle horse as you swing into an easy lope across the sagebrush sea. What women really want is to shed off all the piled-up stress of daily life, to eat great food and enjoy a good drink, to engage with other women in lots of laughter, and to breathe deep of fresh mountain air. Peace and quiet alone, and sincere, quality time with friends both old and new will help you gain a perspective that may have been lost to you for awhile, as you ride stirrup to stirrup with other sisters of the sage. Everything you need to be the heroine of your own life is waiting for you on a Blue Sky Sage horseback riding retreat; all you have to do is give yourself permission to start.

Kindred Horsemanship
The horses are the masters. This is your chance to immerse yourself in a safe, challenging, joyful and supportive equine relationship, with horses that are willing to help you learn and grow in your horsemanship.  We view the horse as a working partner that can offer a path toward physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, learning and growth. The Blue Sky Sage horses are selected and refined specifically for the challenge of open range riding, the terrain, and to be accepting of different riders.

Riding Meditation
The wide-open spaces are your dōjō. Wyoming is blessed with 100-mile vistas stretching between the horizons. Find yourself along the banks of the Little Sandy River as it winds its way like a ribbon of refreshment from the high mountain glaciers of the Wind River range. Ride and meditate on the Continental Divide as you cross the Great Divide Basin or while you wander quietly along the Sweetwater River. In this expansive and pristine western landscape, you can find freedom for your heart and soul.

Outdoor Living in Comfort, Safety, and Serenity
Retreat from your day-to-day life, so you can reconnect to your better self.  Be embraced by Mother Nature next to a live water creek or in a grassy meadow of wildflowers and tall grass, offline and off-the-grid. Life can be soothing and simple in a cozy tipi lodge that is comfortably appointed to offer privacy, and deep, restful sleep, with tranquil sounds of the night to settle your mind and calm your soul. Think of this space as your personal retreat, open for you to find your way to becoming more mindful and introspective, and where you can rejuvenate, relax, and rest.


Be The Heroine of Your Own Life:
June 21-27, 2021: BOOKED FULL
July 11-17, 2021: MUSTANG HORSE ADVENTURE, ADVANCED SKILL LEVEL RIDERS, call Bobbi to pre-qualify for this week, 307.260.7990
August 4-10, 2021
August 24-30, 2021:  MUSTANG HORSE ADVENTURE, ADVANCED SKILL LEVEL RIDERS,  call Bobbi to pre-qualify for this week, 307.260.7990
September 3-9, 2021: TENTATIVELY BOOKED FULL, call Bobbi for availability 307.260.7990

Price is $3150.00 per person for seven days

Horsewomen of a Certain Age Horsemanship Clinics
These weeks are all about horses and riding, in a supportive, non-judging environment. We’ll cover everything from safety on the ground and in the saddle, to overcoming fear, building up your body and mind, and everything in between. You will actually take the lessons into the field on the best teachers, which are the good, open-range saddle horses you will ride – they will offer themselves up to help you figure out whatever it is you may need to figure out, and maybe even help you find something you want.

July 1-7, 2021
August 14-20, 2021

Price is $3150.00 per person for seven days

Guys Ride Too! Mixed Group
We are offering one week only in 2021 for a mixed group of adult men and women or groups of friends or family who are looking for more than the typical “nose to tail” dude ranch ride. These horseback vacations are open to couples and individual men and women who prefer to be with a mixed gender riding group, and can be customized to some extent. This week is for novice to intermediate skill levels and moderately paced.

July 21-27, 2021

Price is $3150.00 per person for seven days

The special campsite along the Little Sandy River is definitely not your standard, “cookie cutter” version of the typical guest ranch. For those who are looking for a place that is closer to Mother Earth, more in tune to the rhythms of nature, yet offers everything necessary to be comfortable and secure, the setting where the Blue Sky Sage rides originate is the perfect home away from home. Think of the soothing melody of running water over smooth stones, with the harmony of a summer breeze through tall lodgepole pines to lull you off to sleep. The quiet of your own canvas tipi lodge and a warm sleeping bag on a cot with a comfy mattress are better than the best king size bed in a luxury resort for restful sleep. The privacy and peace of the location enhances the accommodations of the Blue Sky Sage setting. Every individual guest is set up in their own lodge, which are large enough for couples or those who want to share.  In addition, there is a private shower tent with solar-heated showers ready to use after we get in from the days’ ride, or the river right beside your tipi may beckon you to take a dip in the crystal clear water for a cool soak, and to wash off the dust of the trail. It’s a great place for a group to gather for a cold drink and some social time too!

Another feature of Blue Sky Sage that our guests have popularized over the years are the meals that our chefs serve, buffet-style in the dining lodge. The cookhouse and those who work within produce the fabulous meals that have become a tradition. The Blue Sky Sage menu features organic grass-fed buffalo, and includes wild Alaska salmon, grilled chicken, crisp salads, fresh fruits, natural cereals and yogurt, vegetables, pasta, homemade biscuits and breads, and if you still have room, desserts made from scratch.  Our chefs are all experienced with preparing a variety of specialty hors d’oeuvres to accompany our BYOB daily cocktail hour after the horses are put up from a good day’s ride. Cowboy coffee is made fresh every morning, and there is a variety of other hot drinks available any time. Liquor and sodas are BYOB so each person has exactly what they prefer. Also, we can accommodate many dietary needs, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free and other food allergy restrictions.

Away from the Crowds - A smaller group means more personal attention on your horseback riding vacation . . . One of the greatest benefits that you will enjoy when you choose a Blue Sky Sage horseback riding vacation is the intimate, exclusive experience that is not often found on a dude ranch vacation, pack trips, working ranches or other trail riding vacations where 12-50 riders are common. A smaller group means more personal attention, more privacy and more individual space. You won't get lost in a crowd at Blue Sky Sage; group size is limited to six enthusiastic riders per week.

Area Attractions

Yellowstone National Park; Grand Teton National Park; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Oregon Trail; Pony Express Trail; South Pass City State Historic Site; Wind River mountain range; Great Divide Basin and Red Desert wild mustangs.

At a Glance

Freedom - It Leaves Hoof Prints
Horseback Adventure Vacations with Bobbi Wade, lifetime Wyoming outfitters. No Fences & No “Nose to Tail”!  


Great Divide Basin, Wind River Mountains, Jackson Hole and Yellowstone regions. 


Central Wyoming Regional Airport, Riverton, Wyoming

Riding Style/Ability

Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced, some Novice with caveats.


June through September


6 Riders per week, 10+ weeks per year; non-riding traveling companions welcome.


2021 Ride Schedule
Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Personal Check.
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