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Meet Your Host

Meet Your Host- Stone Horse Expeditions Mongolia Riding Vacations

Learn about Mongolian Saddles, horse culture and what it's like to take a riding vacation in Mongolia from the husband and wife team whose passion for Mongolia spurred them to start their own horse trekking business and show others the view from the saddle. Co-owners of Stone Horse Expeditions ...

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Horse Riding Sheep River in Alberta

Ride the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta's Sheep River by Darley Newman It might seem like a crazy idea--  riding horses twenty miles into the mountains of Southwestern Alberta with a TV production crew and all their high definition equipment-- but we like to get off the ...

Darley’s Travel Blog

Utah’s Capital Reef

by Darley Newman It’s amazing that on a ride in Utah of all places, I can be reminded of my home on the east coast. While sitting atop Sawdust, my eight-year-old buckskin mount for this trip, I starred at the towering white rock cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park, which look remarkab...