Derwen International Welsh Cob Centre in Wales

Visit the Derwen International Welsh Cob Centre in Wales to learn about the history of Welsh Cobs in this Equitrekking video. 

by Darley Newman


Ifor Lloyd’s family has been breeding Welsh Cobs for generations. We visited his stud farm, the Derwen International Welsh Cob Centre in Ceredigion. There is a nice museum with old photos of his family’s history with Welsh Cobs, as well as artifacts that tell the story of the Welsh Cob’s evolution.

Ifor had some of his riders bring out two stallions and a mare. The riders and their horses pranced around a nearby grassy field. These horses moved very well. They had big, beautiful expressive eyes, typical of the breed, and wild flowing manes.

At one point, the two riders on the stallions got a little too close and the stallions decided to show their might to each other, but thankfully there was no contact involved as the riders handled their mounts quite well. My favorite part of the visit was seeing the foals with their moms run into a nearby paddock. Seeing horses outside together has such a calming effect on me. Watch the above video from the Equitrekking Wales episode for a video tour of Derwen's Stud Farm.